Monday, November 12, 2007

i've been tagged!

so i've been tagged by my sister steph. so i guess i am supposed to tell everyone 6 habits/things people don't know about me so here i go.....

1) i LOVE tomatoe soup!: if i smell it you better run. it beats out all other foods i could eat it everyday of my life if i wanted to. story: right after my kidney transplant my dad decided to give me and early christmas present, can you guess what it was? it was a campbells tomatoe soup lamp! it is the coolest thing ever. it looks like a huge can of tomotoe soup with a light in it, it is so awesome! if you are ever looking for a present for me for some particular reason you can always give me a joyful can of tomatoe soup (even though we have a shelf of it in the storage room there is always room for more :D )

2)i love animals (like steph) but to be more specific i love dogs! they are my favorite! if i could change into any animal it would be a dog. i mean come on they are mans best friend and they are so cute and cuddly you just can't resist!

3)i can not live without my phone. and i don't even use it that much either but if it is not with me i have a panic attack! i swear if i didn't have my phone i don't know where i would be in this life i mean how would i communicate with my friends to know where they were going to lunch? it would be a disaster if we didn't have this little device moving us in the right direction.

4)i absolutly LOVE shoes: okay you have no idea how bad i am. and just to clarify i am a huge sucker for hills. this summer alone i think i bought 5 pairs and just keep on going. if i see a pair of shoes that i like and i have money with me i buy them no questions asked, they are mine.

5)i love to shop: i know it is kind of a girl thing anyways but who cares. as soon as i get my pay check i take some out for tithing put some in savings and the rest is for me to shop. i always need new things because after i wear something so many times it seems unessesary for me to wear it anymore ( i know i am horrible you don't need to tell me) and it's not like i throw them away i keep all the clothes but i just kind of stuff them in drawers to make room for my new clothes.

6)i am obsessed with a book: okay i know you all have heard of a book called "twilight" if you havn't then you must be living in a cave somewhere in the Yukon! but anyways it is probably the best book i have ever read. i just can't get enough of it! i could read it again and again and that isn't a bad thing i mean aren't parents and teachers trying to get students reading? well i certainly am. AHH i just can't describe the greatness of the series. if you havn't read it do. hopefully you wont turn out as obbsessed as me!

*well that is it. 6 things you didn't know about me. i tag sammy and jami ( and haley if she hasn't already done one)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my hair is gone!

so i finally did it! i cut my hair off! it is gone all 8 inches of it, thrown away in a landfill somewhere. but i am learning slowly to love it. it is taking some getting used to because i am so used to long hair. but we'll see how i handle it. enjoy the pics.