Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sky High

I like high heels.
I don't wear them a lot, because I suck at walking in them, and they HURT!
But I still like to buy them.
I bought 2 pairs this week.
I suck.
Oh and I broke out a pair that I've only worn once, that cost me waaaay to much. Even on sale!
My sister is in town from Dallas, and is an awesome photographer, check her out here!
She was planning on taking my pictures on Friday, so I went shopping for some fabulous outfits.
I bought some shoes of course like I mentioned above.
I was in the bathroom making sure the outfit I put together looked okay.
Everyone was asleep except for Steph. So I was trying to be quiet in the tile floor by tip-toeing.
In high heels? Riiiiiiight.
Yeah, I lost my balance. It basically went down like this. Watch the whole thing!
Yeah.... it was pretty legit.
I was trying not to laugh because everyone was asleep.
But I honestly couldn't help it, it was too funny!
I went out to see my sister in the other room, she asked me if I had heard that big noise. I told her it was me falling, Grandtastic!
It resulted in a beautiful bruise that the pictures don't do justice towards. Meh, such is life.
It still makes me laugh every time I think about it though. And I bet all of you are sitting there reading this thinking "this girl is retarded!"
I don't care what you think, because I about pee'd my pants.
Good times, good times.

The pretty bruise:

I wish I could say it was these..
Or these that made me fall. But no...
It was these.
Wedges!!!!! Jeeze.

Monday, February 15, 2010


My friend Tim (In case you want to put a face to the name, he is in the middle), shared this cool little App for the iPhone with me.
It is pretty dang awesome.
If you have an iPhone, and you like to take pictures *cough* Steph *cough*
You should probably go find $2 in your couch and purchase this.
In this post, the pictures were taken with the Hipstamatic app.
And here are some more I took today while it was raining/snowing.
It's days like today when I just want to curl up with a good book today but unfortunately I have to go to work.

It just gives the pictures a kind of old-time look.
There are other settings for lenses and film, it's pretty sweet.
My favorite setting is, Lens: Kaimai Mark II. Film: Blanko
This is the setting all of these pictures have been taken in.
Annnnyways. One of these day's I will tell you a funny story like I used to do, but until something funny happens to me, you're just gonna have to read about random, retarded stuff.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring In My Step.

I miss the warm weather. Not the heat... but the warmth.
I went on a walk today and it felt so nice.

Spring, hurry up please!!!
I NEEEEED you. Now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yep, you heard me right, I had a surprise birthday party last night, woot woot!
Here's how it went down:
Haley told me she wanted to go shopping so I being an aware shopaholic agreed to go with her.
We start heading toward the mall, but we pass it.... uh..... riiiiiiight.
She said we were going to check on something for her friend Chelsi.
But we turn into Classic Skating, (ummm right, what would Chels need at Classic?)
She asked me if I wanted to stay in the car or come in.
Uh duh, I'll come in.
So I go in and she opens the door without even paying or anything (huh.)
So I start heading in and I see all my best friend! AH!!
So wonderful.
It was grandtastic.
So we skated the night away, until......I had to pee.
I headed toward the potty room and skated into a stall...
sat down, looked to my left and saw that there was NO toilet paper in the dispenser. What the!?
I saw boots in the stall next to me :)
I politely tapped on the stall and asked ever so kindly if she could "spare a square" HA!
Yes people, I asked for some TP, and she handed me some from under the panel thingy. Gotta love those Good Samaratins.
Later, we decided to go back to my place for cake and ice cream and a little Beatles Rockband :D

My girls, minues Marishk, and Rae.
My favorite boys

Lorietta and Hulio

Awe, love 'em!
The gal who made it all happen. Love you Hastey! :D
So yes skating was a blast, the friends were fantastic and the Beatles Rockband ruled.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So uh, it's my birthday today...

If any of you were thinking of getting me something (which I know all you were because come on.....who wouldn't want to bestow a gift upon me?) (HA!)

But for real.
If any of you have an extra $500 just kickin' it old school in your bank account, you should probably pick me up this beauty.


Yeah people, THIS ^^ is the iPad (silly name haha)

I probably need one. No, not probably. Most definitely.