Sunday, April 20, 2008


Alright so this Saturday was MORP and i have to say it was pretty dang fun!

We went bowling and i scored a pathetic 41 yeah i know what your thinking i am horrible haha. he of course scored 113 what a champ.

then we headed of for the Olive Garden DiLICOUS! we were having such a great time talking and playing footsy (just kidding) when all of a sudden he throws some ice at me. ok who throws ice at someone in the Olive Garden is my question. But i went along with it and threw it back, forgetting of course how bad my aim is.

i bet you can tell where this story is going.

well yeah i didn't hit him i hit the lady behind him! all i could do was slouch down in my seat and turn red while thinking about dumb and dumber when harry throws the salt over his shoulder and it hits that tuff guy. Whoa!

anways we headed to the dance and had a good time and went to leatherheads afterwards. the movie was alright kind of confusing but if you are into the 1920's and football i would highly recomend it.

all in all it was a great night and i had a blast with the funnest kid ever.

and i know it has been forever since i blogged last but i finallyhad something to blog about!

now i just need more exciting stuff to happen in my life and i would blog alot more lol

well that is all i have to say


oh and by the way the theme was 50's so he was a greaser and i was the girlfriend haha

the picture isn't that great but it will have to do.