Monday, November 12, 2007

i've been tagged!

so i've been tagged by my sister steph. so i guess i am supposed to tell everyone 6 habits/things people don't know about me so here i go.....

1) i LOVE tomatoe soup!: if i smell it you better run. it beats out all other foods i could eat it everyday of my life if i wanted to. story: right after my kidney transplant my dad decided to give me and early christmas present, can you guess what it was? it was a campbells tomatoe soup lamp! it is the coolest thing ever. it looks like a huge can of tomotoe soup with a light in it, it is so awesome! if you are ever looking for a present for me for some particular reason you can always give me a joyful can of tomatoe soup (even though we have a shelf of it in the storage room there is always room for more :D )

2)i love animals (like steph) but to be more specific i love dogs! they are my favorite! if i could change into any animal it would be a dog. i mean come on they are mans best friend and they are so cute and cuddly you just can't resist!

3)i can not live without my phone. and i don't even use it that much either but if it is not with me i have a panic attack! i swear if i didn't have my phone i don't know where i would be in this life i mean how would i communicate with my friends to know where they were going to lunch? it would be a disaster if we didn't have this little device moving us in the right direction.

4)i absolutly LOVE shoes: okay you have no idea how bad i am. and just to clarify i am a huge sucker for hills. this summer alone i think i bought 5 pairs and just keep on going. if i see a pair of shoes that i like and i have money with me i buy them no questions asked, they are mine.

5)i love to shop: i know it is kind of a girl thing anyways but who cares. as soon as i get my pay check i take some out for tithing put some in savings and the rest is for me to shop. i always need new things because after i wear something so many times it seems unessesary for me to wear it anymore ( i know i am horrible you don't need to tell me) and it's not like i throw them away i keep all the clothes but i just kind of stuff them in drawers to make room for my new clothes.

6)i am obsessed with a book: okay i know you all have heard of a book called "twilight" if you havn't then you must be living in a cave somewhere in the Yukon! but anyways it is probably the best book i have ever read. i just can't get enough of it! i could read it again and again and that isn't a bad thing i mean aren't parents and teachers trying to get students reading? well i certainly am. AHH i just can't describe the greatness of the series. if you havn't read it do. hopefully you wont turn out as obbsessed as me!

*well that is it. 6 things you didn't know about me. i tag sammy and jami ( and haley if she hasn't already done one)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my hair is gone!

so i finally did it! i cut my hair off! it is gone all 8 inches of it, thrown away in a landfill somewhere. but i am learning slowly to love it. it is taking some getting used to because i am so used to long hair. but we'll see how i handle it. enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


so i got the pleasure of putting my brothers leaves into garbage bags today! it was great fun. no really it was because i had help from my neices kylan and lundyn they were amazing at picking up huge arm fulls and putting them into the bags. these pics are of me and lundyn relaxing in the leaves after a half days work

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Northridge vs. Davis

WOW! This had to be the best football game that i have ever been to. In the last quarter we were loosing by 3 points and then of course we intercepted their ball and got some sweet points. but then we were tied. not good. we ended up in double over time! it was AMAZING. too bad football season is over :( oh well i will have to sneak in with all my junior friends next year.

the pics are of me and my friend marissa mikami before the game she wouldn't get all decked out with me (she can be lame sometimes but we still love her)
yeah i know there is two of the same pic i don't know exactly how that happened and i don't know how to fix it sorry

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


so i was at my friends house a couple weeks ago helping her make zuchini bread, and her sister made this chip dip to eat while we were waiting for the bread to bake. okay this dip was so good! i am not sure what it is called but we will call it "philidelphia chili" it is so easy to make too there are only 2 ingredients that you need to have then you cook it and ejnjoy!

the recipie calls for a can of chili and a package if philidelphia cream cheese.
you put the chili in a pot on the stove on medium/high
then add the philidelphia cream cheese. i would put the cheese in the pot in chunks so that it melts faster.
when it is all melted together put it in a bowl and serve with some tortilla chips.
it is so yummy
try it.

twilight series

so i was reading my cousin April's blog the other day and she wrote about a book called "twilight". just for everyones information this book is the best book i have ever read. it is in everyones hands at school and when we have reading time in our class i bet 70% of the class is reading it, even the guys! so it is kinda a chick book but you just can' put it down. i would recomened this book over Harry Potter with out thinking twice. it is in a series so if you finish twilight you can go on ahead and start reading "new moon" and after that one is "eclipse" and for those of you who have read the series so far you can check out a sneak peak at the authors new book coming out next fall, it is called "midnight sun" so check out these books you will be hooked.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Morp :)

i recently went to MORP (Prom spelled backwards for those who don't know) it was a blast! i went with my friend matt and we had a great time. the theme was red carpet/famous couples, so we went as lucy and ricky! sorry that picture is retarted. i put it on paint to make it smaller but it would only shorten one side.

Schools Out For The Summer!

So school just ended on the 30th of May and i am so excited.
My parents thought it would be a good idea for me and all my friends to go up to our condo in Eden UT. It was so much fun! we went swimming, hot tubbing, watched movies, and even did what all girls do at slumber parties...Mud Masks! it was a blast. i took pictures on my phone but stupidly enough didn't take any on a real camera to show everyone, so sorry. This summer will be a great one! i am so excited for everything that will be happening. first i have girls camp up in Huntsville somewhere, then i get to go see my sister steph down in dallas (which will truely be the highlight of my entier summer), and then i have Youth conference up in the Uintah MNTs. i am way excited! other than that i will just be playing with my friends and who knows, maybe a date or two along the way? haha let's hope so. everyone enjoy their summer i will try to remember to update everyone on what has been going on.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SpRiNg BrEaK !!!

So spring break. When I think of spring break I think of VACATIONING! But of course all i got in a vacation was Sat. Sun. and Mon. morning in Park City with my family.
First day was fun we went swimming had some hamburgers and watched "RV" then it was time for bed. It was going fine, we had put lundyn to bed and then kylan fell asleep, nothing to worry about. Kylan and I shared a bed and lundyn slept on a futon on the floor by nate and lori. So i get into bed and am way exhausted but it seems all i can do is lay there with my eyes open and listen to my dad and nate snoring in the other two rooms, then i hear screaming (okay i may be over exagerating, it was just loud crying) but supposedly lundyn had woken up and i didn't end up falling asleep until about 4:00 in the morning. Next morning is Easter and we decided that we were going to go to a church up there in Midway (park city). Everyone is running late so nate, lori, the twins and i decide that we are going to go save a spot, but do you really think that having nate in the car that he would ask someone directions? no. so we drive around and end up in Heber City. not that far off track but not exactly ON track. so then we have to back track to Midway going about 75MPH on i think it was probably 40 MPH although it was pretty desolite around it was scary! we finally made it. we had a great time and came back and had a wonderful Easter dinner and then afterward went on a drive up to the Jordynell Dam. it was very windy and very cold so we left and spent the rest of the night at the condo. Monday morning we went into Park City to Tanger Outlet Center and went shopping. so i guess over all it was a good family get away.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Blog!

Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago my sister Steph told me that i should set up a blog account for our family so that she would know what is going on up here in good old UT. So here it is Steph, our first blog. I am not quite sure of what i am supposed to write about. So i will give it my best and hope it works.

My name is Kelsie Bruce, I am Steph's little sister. I am 17 and live in UT. this blog isn't called kelsie's blog for a reason and that reason is because you would probably be bored with my day to day activities that i take part in. So i figured that i would just turn it in to a family blog. And i am just going to be the writer of it all.

So tune in for some interesting and fun blogs! (hopefully)

yeah by the way that picture was taken when i was like 7 years old, that is the only one that was on the computer, I'll get a better one soon