Saturday, August 29, 2009

I definitely did this in High school

I just hope I wont be one in College.... :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Po Po, They're everywhere!

Darn Po Po.
I'm driving up on campus trying to find a parking spot. It's my first day mind you.
I obviously don't know any rules of the campus.
So I pull into a parking lot that is right next to Elizabeth Hall, which is where my English class is. i'm driving around the lot lookin' for a place to park my vehicle, when I spot it! Celestial parking! I'm filled with glee, as I pull into the conveniently close parking spot, I start to notice the tags on peoples rear view mirror. What the.....they all say A2, mine don't say that. So I begin to pull out, realizing I probably shouldn't park here since my tag just has a W on it. As i'm making my way out of the stall, a see blinking lights behind me. Really? really.
The Po Po. I of course roll down my window for the kind Sir, and he kindly states the fallowing

POPO:"Do you realize that you aren't allowed to park here?"

Me:"why yes sir, I just realized this as soon as I parked, that's why i'm pulling out"

POPO:"can I get your DL?"

Me:"yes sir, here you go."

POPO:"Do you have a class right now?"

Me:"no sir, it starts at 11:30, I came early to find a parking spot."

POPO"Ok, Well I will just be giving you a warning this time, just be more careful."

Me: "alright, thank you very much!"

Random thought: Why do we always say thank you to the police after they give you a ticket? Should we be saying, YOU SUCK! GIVE ME A BREAK!.
like I said....random thought.

So I pull out of the lot, and lo and behold! There is a spot on the road (where if you have a W tag, you are allowed to park) it is a parallel spot, so I would have to use my not so mad skills and squeez in there. After probably 4 minutes of twisting my wheel to get my car parked magically between two other cars, a hispanic man comes up out of the blue, hits his fists madly on my window and yells at me to move!
Ok maybe he didn't pound with his fists, maybe he tapped with his fingers, and maybe he didn't yell, maybe he spoke very kindly.
anyways, he tells me that I am NOT allowed to park here, because it says No Parking. What the Heck! So all these cars can park there but i'm not allowed to? what crap.
So I begin to pull out when, can you guess what happens?......The PO Po arrive right behind me! I pull out and drive up a little ways so that we aren't blocking traffic.
he comes out, I roll down the window, and the whole schpeel again! I had to clarify that I had Just Bearly parked there and was moving because I was told not to park there. So I got ANOTHER warning thankgoodness! I ask him where on this darn campus I WAS allowed to park. he stated that I could park up basically on the top of the mountain. I drive up there, my oxygen level suffering. It's PACKED.
So I drive towards Gma Speechly's home. and finally find a parking spot on 36th just below Birch.
So much for pay $65 for a Weber State parking pass. Sooo Lame.

end of story :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

while i'm at it

I reaaaaally like this song too
I heard it a LONG LONG time ago, but it just has one of those sounds that make you wanna smile.
enjoy :)

Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry?

Ok so I LOVE this song!
I was reading Rockstar Diaries a while back and this music video was posted on her blog, ever since i'd heard it, I can't get it out of my head.
take a listen :)

p.s. If you don't read Rockstar Diaries then you MUST begin, she is just fabulous.