Thursday, March 6, 2008


ok ok ok so there are those few people in the world who have amazing eyelashes and don't have to wear mascara because they are naturally dark and long and thick right? yes it is true, but there is this one person i know (me) who's eyelashes suck...

well they are thin and blonde and kind of a medium length i suppose. but anyways in order to get my eyelashes looking somewhat good i have to use 3 different mascaras! can you beleive it>? 3, 1 to make them look long, 1 to make them look thick, and 1 to seperate my eyelashes when they get all stuck together! it is ridiculous and i have used almost every mascara that is out there including the ones that we sell at hairmax and none of them seem to help.

but the time has come!

i walked into neighborhood walmart and remembered that i needed to get all my mascaras again because i had run out.

when i turned to grab the variety of them i saw something that caught my eye.

it was bright orange and was in a bigger tube, and i thought to myself.."should i try it?" so i did. i took it off it's little hook and ran to the register to pay for it because it thrilled me that there was a new mascara out there!

so i get home and i am franticaly opening it and i am applying it to my eyelashes, and i love it!

it is amazing and i will never switch from it. it lengthens seperates and gives actual color to my eyelashes!

if any of you are like me and suffer from horrible eyelashes you need to try this mascara! it has changed my life for the better!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i've been tagged again!

what was i doing 10 years ago?
-umm i was in second grade and was just recaintly baptized and waiting for nate to go on his mission i beleive.

5 things on my to do list today.
-1:go to school
-2:get my hair colored
-3:do homework
-4:go to YW
-5:watch american idol

what snacks do i enjoy?
-2:those 100 calorie snack packs mmmmm
-3:grandma Bruce's carmels

what would i do if i was suddenly a billionare?
-1:take out 2 million for medical expenses (you never know what will happen)
-2:pay my parents back for all the money they spent on my medical stuff (which is a whole lot)
-3: buy my parents and all my siblings their dream house and car
-4: buy myself my dream house and car
-5:buy alot of dogs

3 bad habits
-1:biting my nails
-2:eating bad
-3:not exercising like i should

5 places i have lived.
-1: layton, Utah

5 jobs i have had.
-1:zurchers discount party and wedding store
-2:hairmax salon and supply

5 things people don't know about me.
-1:i don't know how to socialize. if someone starts small talk i will just nod and say okay or something cuz i can't think of anything else to say.
-2:i like to buy things more than a normal person would. if i see something and i like it i buy it. this is why i don't own a debit card and i only carry enough cash in case of an emergency.
-3:i like technology, if some new phone is on the market i want it. so i have upgraded from an ipod nano (first generation) to an Itouch, and from a Razr phone to a blackberry pearl. and i hadn't even had either of them that long..i am horrible.
-4:i can't have my feet covered, if i am sleeping or laying around or camping... my feet are out. they just poke out. even if i am beyond cold they are out there without a care in the world. my favorite shoes are flip flops cuz then my feet can be "out"
-5:if i learn or have something new than i keep at it. like lets say i bought a new purse. i will be obsessed with buying purses for a while until something new comes along.

well there is my tag in hope you had a blast reading it!
i tag...stephano, sammy, and jami