Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's cookin' good lookin'?!

So, I've been missing from the blogging world as of late.
Probably because I found a life under a big rock.
Not that I had a huge brew of attentive blog readers, but... Meh, a girl can wish.
So, what's been going on with Klawssy lately? Let's take a gander.
First off, I got me an iPhone 4:
It's the Apple of my eye. Haha, I made a funny.

Second of all, I've been quite the traveler. Or, will be I guess.
You see, I've gone to two ward retreats, Dallas, I'll be flying to Denver tomorrow the meet Steph, then driving home to Layton from Denver, then 5 days from then I will be flying to NY, connect to NC, drive to SC, drive back to NC, fly in to NYC, stay there for a day, then fly back to Utah.
I feel like I should add another trip on top of these, just for kicks and giggles.

I've been playing with my friends a whole lot.
Check out our blog here. We're good times for sure.

I go to bed around 3 every morning, and wake up around 11 in the afternoon.
Probably not a good idea.

I have a Releif Society retreat this Friday.
I don't wanna go.

I still really want a Unicorn.

Haley is engaged to Brandon.
Mrs. Thompson. Awe, tender moment.

Haley is having a baby with Brandon.
Baby Thompson. Awe, precious moment.

I start school again this Fall.
Wildcats.... Woooooot.

I've started wearing shorts this summer for the first time in.... 20 years.
Instead of a tan, I'm getting loads of freckles.

I have to go lay flagstone in my backyard now.
It'll be super times fur sure.
Don't I know it.

Farewell blogging world.... Till next time.
B'bye now!