Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BURR lake

ok it has been a while since we actually went to bear lake but better late then never right?
well we took a little vacay with the entire family! it was awesome and i enjoyed every minute of it. here is a look at what we did. zions face cracks me up! this was out on the patio of the condo
me and lundyn

idk why but i think ky looks so pretty here haha
me and zi


so here are some of my pictures from trek! my internet finally got fixed and was able to upload them for you all to see :)

hayes michelle and marissa my girls me marissa and michelle
me and my hayes
me and kyky
the ride home on "le bus"
the wardies

rach and i
allll the people

and there it is, after 4 months i finally got the pictures!