Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taken ill

I'm sick, what's new?
I've got a cold.
It's not such good times.

This has been my home, it's quite lovely. I've got my comfort, my movies, my Halls and my doggy (not pictured).

I've been gettin' my Vitamin C, mmmm orange juice! I went to the Doc today and he gave me some yummy cough medicine that cost me a whopping $57! For real? For real.

Do you see this? This my friends is Doctors note, Mmhmm.
My Doc came in and asked if I had a job, I replied with a "yes" and then handed me this note.
People, with all the times I've been sick (there have been many) I have never had a doctors note. I just thought it was insanely neat, I didn't think doctors notes were real, I thought you only saw them in the movies, haha, silly Kelsie.

But don't worry, I've had Lori here keeping me company and making me feel not so miserable. I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. She's a hoot!

Please bless I can kick this cold soon! I've gotta get my butt back to life!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Are you ready for this? I really don't think you are.
My good buddy Tim told me about this app yesterday for the iPhone.


This has to be the best app known to man.
It makes me all giddy and happy when I open it up and transform people into such magic goodness.

In my opinion, I feel that Nate won, for best 80's poster re-make.

Yup, I Youincorned pretty much my entire family, good times.