Tuesday, October 30, 2007


so i got the pleasure of putting my brothers leaves into garbage bags today! it was great fun. no really it was because i had help from my neices kylan and lundyn they were amazing at picking up huge arm fulls and putting them into the bags. these pics are of me and lundyn relaxing in the leaves after a half days work

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Northridge vs. Davis

WOW! This had to be the best football game that i have ever been to. In the last quarter we were loosing by 3 points and then of course we intercepted their ball and got some sweet points. but then we were tied. not good. we ended up in double over time! it was AMAZING. too bad football season is over :( oh well i will have to sneak in with all my junior friends next year.

the pics are of me and my friend marissa mikami before the game she wouldn't get all decked out with me (she can be lame sometimes but we still love her)
yeah i know there is two of the same pic i don't know exactly how that happened and i don't know how to fix it sorry

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


so i was at my friends house a couple weeks ago helping her make zuchini bread, and her sister made this chip dip to eat while we were waiting for the bread to bake. okay this dip was so good! i am not sure what it is called but we will call it "philidelphia chili" it is so easy to make too there are only 2 ingredients that you need to have then you cook it and ejnjoy!

the recipie calls for a can of chili and a package if philidelphia cream cheese.
you put the chili in a pot on the stove on medium/high
then add the philidelphia cream cheese. i would put the cheese in the pot in chunks so that it melts faster.
when it is all melted together put it in a bowl and serve with some tortilla chips.
it is so yummy
try it.

twilight series

so i was reading my cousin April's blog the other day and she wrote about a book called "twilight". just for everyones information this book is the best book i have ever read. it is in everyones hands at school and when we have reading time in our class i bet 70% of the class is reading it, even the guys! so it is kinda a chick book but you just can' put it down. i would recomened this book over Harry Potter with out thinking twice. it is in a series so if you finish twilight you can go on ahead and start reading "new moon" and after that one is "eclipse" and for those of you who have read the series so far you can check out a sneak peak at the authors new book coming out next fall, it is called "midnight sun" so check out these books you will be hooked.