Wednesday, April 29, 2009

terrible loss

My Dear phone:

Dear phone, I love you, but you are making me nuts! Our relationship is nothing but you playing tricks on me! I think i am typing one thing to my friend, and then i come to find that i sent them some nonsence, some non-words, because some of your keyes wont type and it makes me angry. and then i put you on vibrate so that i don't interupt the work place, and instead you make the dog whistle noise. it hurts my feelings and my ears. and other times, you're little scrolly ball thing that lights up, well, it gets stuck, and i can't use my phone at all, becuase without that track ball, the phone has no life. we have had 14 glorious months together, but i think it's time we break up. now before you start crying, i want you to know that i will still keep you near in my room, but i think it's time i move on. on to something a little more reliable, and "working" i'm sorry.

Hmm maybe an Iphone? Or the Samsung Behold? (: (: (: (:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Lips?

So lately i've been obssessed with this blog called "rockstar diaries" Steph got me hooked on it. Man, I think I need help with this one. This girl is from UT but lives in NY, and she is so cute and fun, I just can't help but be jealous of her. anywho. So like i said, i've been looking at her blog all day reading every post from day 1, and i've noticed that she wears red lipstick a lot, and that i really liked it. So I went out and baught me some firey red lipstick! Man i'm loving it! it's hard to get used to because its so bright. but unfortunatly i have very pale lips so it's hard to apply the redness without getting it everywhere, but hopefully i will get the hang of it soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Jorge

OK so I'm not really in the mood to write a novel about our st george experience so i'm not going to write a lot. rather, i will just list the key points to the trip.
1: We leave Layton
2: We stop in Beaver for a traditional picture sitting on the large rocking chair in front of Chevron.
3: We go see cousin Michelle in Cedar.
4: We make it to St Jorge
5: We are staying with the nicest people on the planet. Lindsay and Kelly Heitz
6: We venture to the red rocks for the Heitz family pictures done my my steph. Check them out at they should be up soon.
7: We go to Pirate Pizza.
8: I get a bloody nose that lasts forever.
9: Go get Dan at the Vegas Airport
10: Go to H&M in Planet Hollywood mall.
11: Go to Excalibur
12: Return to St jorge
13: Go to dinner at made in Brazil.
14: Get another nose bleed that lasts 30 min. single bathroom, people waiting, nose decides to be Ol' faithful.
15: Eat lots of meat
16: get home go to bed.
17: supposed to get on the road early, so that we can get to our family photo shoot at 5:30.
18: forgot to leave early.
19: my nose is bleeding again, almost 40 min. endless amounts of blood.
20: we get all our stuff in the car and are ready to head out at about 11
21: I get another nose bleed that lasts 20 min.
22: kelly gives me tissues, lindsay gives me a plastic bag.
23: we drive home.
24: make it to the photoshoot late
25: family is mad at us.
26: we get beautiful pictures.
27: we go to Arctic circle
28: Zion steals the menu from the table
29: we force her to return it.
30: we go home and sleep.
all in all, the trip wasn't amazing, but it was definatly a memory. and with all that went on we only got two pictures during the trip sadly.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh how I love thee!

Edward, Oh.......Edward. When I heard the doorbell ring as I was in the bathroom, I had no idea it would be you. But to my surprise it was! I'm so happy you finally understand that we are meant to be together. We will be married soon just you wait and see. And we will be as happy as can be. Oh Edward.