Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Blog!

Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago my sister Steph told me that i should set up a blog account for our family so that she would know what is going on up here in good old UT. So here it is Steph, our first blog. I am not quite sure of what i am supposed to write about. So i will give it my best and hope it works.

My name is Kelsie Bruce, I am Steph's little sister. I am 17 and live in UT. this blog isn't called kelsie's blog for a reason and that reason is because you would probably be bored with my day to day activities that i take part in. So i figured that i would just turn it in to a family blog. And i am just going to be the writer of it all.

So tune in for some interesting and fun blogs! (hopefully)

yeah by the way that picture was taken when i was like 7 years old, that is the only one that was on the computer, I'll get a better one soon