Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have a confession.

Well you guys..... I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble with my family for this but.
I like girls.
It's true, I swing that way. LESBO HERE.

Last night I was at Target with Haley and I saw this girl from my singles ward who is new also. I smiled at her and shot my fingers at her. ya know like the double shooters. And I made the noise too! the *click click* noise that you make between your teeth and your cheek? yeah...
Before I realized what I had just done, she nervously smiled and ran away.
I am thinking she had no idea who I was.
At this moment in time I am Busting out laughing. She probably thought I was hitting on her! I have NO IDEA why I did that to her, I didn't do it on purpose it just slipped out. I was going for a more "hey! you're in my singles ward" kind of approach, but turned into a nasty approach.
I'm gonna have to clear things up on Sunday.
oh dear
and just for the record, I LIKE MEN! felllas, boys, gentlemen, the opposite sex. ya know, short hair, 5 o'clock shadow, wallet in the back pocket.
I gotta be more careful with my "hellos"

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Singles Ward


I've transfered.
I've had a fear of going for quite a while. I was supposed to go after I graduated like all the good little kids, but I didn't. 2008 didn't seem like a good year to attend a ward full of desperate people wanting to get married. So i just continued to put it off.
But now that all my friends graduated this year (yes i'm a loser) i've decided to go with them so that I can find My Eternal Soul Mate. Bahahaha. let's not.
I went to the campus one. uhhh no BUENO. little jerks. it's called saying hi.

So I became inactive from the singles ward. I attended the Home ward. oh how lovely. My Home ward is just wonderful. but it wasn't doing anything for me socially. probably because there were small children and old farts.
So then my BFF Alisha was like "hey, come to the stake singles ward with me"
uh no thanks
"no come"
uh no thanks

so I went and had a magical time, needless to say. The singles ward is rocking. Even though I am socially handicap, I will magically make it work.
oh and we have FHE tonight. wonderful.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Got Back

mmkay, don't tell my BFF Jessi that I posted this.
that'd be no bueno
This is what happens @ 12:15 AM on a Friday night after Twilight has been watched, and her husband is away.
I was kind of dying while recording this (of laughter of course) I was actually laughing so hard in some points that I don't sound like a human. just ignore that.
please laugh as hard as I did. thankyou.


Friday, October 23, 2009


What are you bein?
Us gals at Hurr Max are dressing up as Cleopatras. Growl! It should be pretty fab.

Don't be scurred!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halle Freakin Lujah

I got me an I diggity Phone. It's pretty fantastic.

I think i could perhaps be in love.

Sad day to think that I could be in love with an electronic device, but it's sorta true.

Can You Deal With That!

I totally sounded like a 12 year old little girl in that last post.

But that's ok.

You'll just have to deal with that.

Holy Moses!

So I'm rather obsessed with a couple blogs right now. One of which would be BusyBeeLauren. I got a call from my Bestie Marissa Mikami this morning, and she decided that she would share some news with me.
the conversation goes as fallows

me: hey what's up
Marissa: nothin just walking to class
me: cool
Marissa: guess what?!
me: what?
Marissa: Guess who is fallowing me on Twitter?!
me:idk who?
marissa: guess!
me: boy or girl?
marissa: oh you'll never guess! BusyBeeLauren!
me:what?!?!?!?!?!?! NO!
marissa: yeah!

and the convo continues.......I was SOOO jealous! Why couldn't she fallow me? Buggers!

So after being saddened all day because the celebrity mormon blogger wasn't fallowing me. pity me.

I was driving home from work and I get a call from marissa. she is flippin
marissa: did you know that Mormon Bachelor Pad commented on your blog?
me: what?!?!?!1 I'm flipping out!
me: what post?!
marissa: how did they comment on your blog?
me: i don't know! What post did they comment on?!
marissa: do you know them? how did they find you?
me: no i do not know're jealous!
marissa: yes I am.

and the convo continues.......

this is what he posted on my post. it was the tyra post fyi

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...
In Jr. High, I was holding this kids feet while he was doing sit-ups. Every time he'd do a sit-up, he'd strain a little too hard and a small peeper fart would slip out. After 10 or so peepers, I was laughing so hard I think I inhaled every ounce of his bum air into my lungs through my mouth.

I still laugh about it when I think about it.

I'm still laughing too! I was dying when I read that.

anyways, now that i'm all mormon blogger starstruck.
i will end this.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Dear!

So this ^^ totally happened today in my math class.
I was sitting talking to my friend, and helping him with an equation, when all of a sudden BAM!
So you know those chairs that are connected to the desk? well this black girl was sitting on the table with her feet on the seat. She decided to lean back a tich and before you know it, she was on her butt. she freaken tipped the desk over! I BUSTED out laughing, I was crying and wheezing. I'd never experienced such laughter. While laughing hysterically i somehow managed to ask her if she was OK. She hopped up off the floor and said she was fine.
The next 30 minutes remaining of class, was the worst. everytime I thought about it, I couldn't contain it, I would just start laughing again. This had to have been the highlight of my week so far, and it's only monday!
oh and then I was sitting in the Union Building waiting for my next class to start when I heard BAM! again. ANOTHER kid was leaning on his chair and it slipped and her feel to the ground, CLASSIC!
It's soo wonderful to laugh. Ahhhh.

Friday, October 9, 2009


This will be me all weekend.
I have 4 online assignments due Sunday (kill me now)
I have a comparison/contrast essay due Monday (haven't started that one yet, whoops)
I have an outline due Monday (oh haven't started that either)
I have a math assignment due Monday (started but, have a feeling it wont get finished anytime soon)
I have a math review Monday (doubt a review will help)
I have a math test Wednesday (Gonna fail, that's a given)
I have a personal constitution due Thursday (please bless)
And to end my list nicely I have Shingles again, Hip Hip Hooray!
PS can I just say that having a little camera built in to your computer is wonderful. And I bet you're all likin' it too, because now you get to see my pretty face all the time! I will do another post next week if I make it through this one alive :)