Monday, July 7, 2008


so two weeks ago my stake went to trek. well i have to say in the beginning i was not thrilled in the least, but as soon as i got up there and experienced the whole thing, i didn't want to leave! I was so afraid to go back and face the world of cell phones, computers, work, and TV. i just wanted to stay as long as i could, but of course if i had stayed i would've been in the wilderness all by myself.......not so good.
so the first day we all woke up at 4:30 and left the church at abbout 5:00, and it was seven hours of singing and laughing and games from then on out, and i couldn't escape for a wink of sleep.
so we finally arrived at Martins Cove. we got off the bus, got out handcarts, and were off! off to the dusty sandy steep, up-hill, down-hill, trail. the first part of the trail was only 3 miles, so not to bad. when we finally arrived at our camp, the wind started tp pick up.......not good.
we decided to set up our tents anyways. well we were doing good, got it all set up, and started putting our bedding in.
well everyone decided that it would be a good idea to leave the tent except for me.
well i was so happy that i would finally get to take my shoes off and relax a little bit after that annoying bus ride, but the wind didn't agree with me. i was sitting in the corner by the window, putting my lovely pillow down, and all of the sudden i hear something snap!, and before i knew it the tent had collapsed on me! i was screamin so loud i probably pearced everyones ears. i couldn't find a way out, and i didn't know what to do. so i just sat there like a lamo. but finally the wind stopped for just enough time that i could get out safely.
looong story short, we finally got the tent set up again with a little help from Duct Tape!

next day we woke up at 5:45 and were off again. this day we went through martins cove, and did the river crossing, but of course, me being lucky again, got heat exhaustion from going through martins cove, so they gave me "Gu" its' this nasty "gooey" packet that you have to sqeeze out of a packet. the best way i can describe this nastyness, is to have you all imagine, lets say, easy cheese. runny goopy easy cheese. squeezing it into your mouth and forcing yourself to swallow it.
anyways, so i slurrped that baby down, and of course lucky me, got even more sick!
so me and my pa walked 3 miles back to the visiting center and sat in the nice air conditioned room. ah loverly.
then we waited for the others to come back. then we hopped on the bus and headed 2 hours south to another camp site.
then we walked 6 miles the next day, and also did the womans pull. i unfortunatly didn't participate in the womans pull, although i really wish i could've becuase i heard so many great things about it.
so i rode in the Medical Car! yes the medical car. i did meet some rather nice children though. i met a little boy cayden, who had the flu and had thrown up in his tent early that day, little miss chelsea, how wouldn't give me a ligit reason for being there. they were both in the same ward, along with the medical car driver. so we were all ready to go, when the medical dude had to make an emergency run up the mountain because some kid sat in a cactus! yes you heard me, a freakin cactus!
so from a distance i see this little boy wobbeling down the hill. he finally get's into the car and i couldn't help but laugh! i am a horrible person, and i laugh at pain.
so we get talking, and he is in the same ward as the other two kids! all i could think to myself is "wow this ward needs it's own medical wing in the hospital!"
so we headed back to the medical trailer where the medical man took out the little buggers out of his bum.
but i am going to leave this post right here, to give your eyes a break. cause i bet they need one.
and i will leave you with some pictures.
i will post more later

well actually i take that back
blogger wont let me add any pictures at this moment in time, so i will post them later too!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


ok guys i graduated! finally after 12 long years i am done with highschool! and man does it feel great! i just love it! but sad enough to say i almost had to repeat my senior year. now don't go thinking that i am some horrble lazy person (although i am not gonna lie i did have a pretty simple senior year and didn't enjoy the work so i didn't always do it until the very last minute) because that isn't the case. you see i had decent grades in all my classes except ENGLISH! yuck i so disliked me teacher. let me describe her for you. tall manly mullet with elephantitis and berkinstocks. hopefully you can imagine this.
anyways she gave me and F the whole semester i had done the work......grrr it makes me mad just thinking about it. but long story short, i passed the class and i am now graduated!!!
so YAY for me!
now off to college :D


ok ok ok, so have you heard of Facebook? well i must admit that i am now addicted to this little social network. my life basically revolves around it. I had a life until Facbook ate it. haha. well it has gotten so bad that i check it every chance i get, to see if i have a new friends or just to take a quiz that my friend has challenged me to.

i am warning you now. if you don't have a facebook, don't start! it is an addiction that is hard to break.

i leave you with these words of wisdom, hopeing that you listen and fallow.

farewell i'm off to facebook!