Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just wanted to be like you!

So my Mom sent these pictres to me.
And the story goes: My mom and dad took Zi with them to the Grocery store to pick up a few things. And my mom had left her purse in the back seat. My dad turned around and saw Zi rummaging through it, and told her to stop. He looked back a few minutes later, and saw her going through it once again, and again told her to stop going through the purse. Well by the third time he looked back, he no longer saw her scrounging through the bag, but saw to his dismay and delight, this face of hers. My mom looked and saw her face, and asked her why she had done this, and she answered nonchalant, " Because I wanted to be like you Nana" I guess my mom had put some lipstick on before they left for the store, and Zi decided that one way to be like Nana would to wear the same lipstick as Nana, all over her lips! hahaha enjoy the pics!

Happy Birthday Grandma Bruce!

So Saturday the 28 was my Grandma Bruce's 86th birthday! She came over on Sunday for a birthday dinner of scones! Mmmmm yummy! And of course finished it off with Grandmas Homemade Chocolate Cake (but of course my mother took the liberty of making it :D) It was a wonderful day, and I am so lucky to have my grandma in my life. She is so fun, and is so young! There isn't a single wrinkle on her face, thanks to Oil of Olay, she swears by it hahaha. She is so beautiful, and I am so thankful to have her still here. She has stayed so strong and full of life, since my Grandpa died in 2004. I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished in her long life. I hope she has many more years to come here on earth. I hope I can cherish each and everyone of those moments with her.
And a shout out to my Gma and Gpa Speechly, Can't forget them! They are so wonderful and caring, grandma loves her journaling/geneology and music, which keeps her mind young and yearning for more. And my Gpa Speechly is quiet, but he sure can make you laugh when he wants to :) I love my grandparent's so much, and am so lucky to have them still in my life!

I love to see the temple!


So it seems my Wards YW and YM just can't let go of me. The laurel president (which happens to be one of my best friends) called me Sunday night and asked me if I would like to go to the Mutal activity, which was going down to Draper for the Temple open house. Of course I said yes! I got off work early yesterday and headed to the church which we were supposed to meet at, at 4:45 but i got there a little late, anyways, that's not important, What's important is that it was a long car ride down sitting in the middle section of the suburban, without eating dinner or lunch for that matter, so I was starving, and it just happened to be Rush Hour. Oh but the best part is, I had my Ipod but my friend Kye who was riding with us, insisted that he play deal or no deal on it the whole ride down, which i didn't mind, other then I wanted to listen to some soothing music, to get the girl that was sitting next to me to shut up! Sheesh I love this girl, but she can TALK! And I was uber carsick, and I don't enjoy someone talking my ear off when i am trying to relax and she just talked talked and asked me so many questions! Ah man, I was just about to chuck something at her (even though I love her dearly).
Anywho, we finally get down to Draper, and go to a church so that we can catch a bus up to the temple. So, we go inside and sit down (our reservation was for 6:40 and it was about 6:30) patiently waiting, and keep moving a row back closer and closer to leaving. But one time when i get up i notice something red on my chair, yes ladies you know what i'm talking about, sorry men. And I was wearing a white dress that I had just purchased earlier that day. Yikes! I ran to the bathroom with the assistance of my friends, the one who invited me, and the one that i wanted to slap. I was luckily wearing a long coat, but not long enough, there was you know what everywhere! So there I was trying to stick my dress in the sink while all these girls are walking in, and my friends are trying to block me with no success, but we're all girls right? no biggy seeing someone standing in their pantyhose with their dress around their waist sitting in the sink. Then the "talk a lot" girl, runs out and starts asking EVERYONE if they have a pad, and I mean EVERY woman in the room. Luckily there was one lady. So I got most of it out of my dress, so I just walked around with a big wet spot on my dress.
When I make it back to the holding room, they announce that our bus had broken down and it would be a while longer until we got to leave, by this time it was about 7:15, and they took us into the chaple to watch a movie. When the movie ended we sat there for probably another 10 minutes, then the bus had arrived! Hooray! So we all hop in the bus, and off we went! About 3 minutes into the ride I start smelling the "onion" smell. Ok, who's armpit was I sticking my nose in? I look around and notice that I my head is literally being cradled insome ones pit, because their arm was reaching up to hold onto the handle bar thing, and it was literally like a japanese subway in there. There was absolutly no room to move. So I am standing there almost dry heaving, and notice that we are moving impeciably slow, and all these buses are moveing super fast by us. Yes we were on the side of the road going up hill, in the "slow bus". What's going to happen next? Well nothing actually happend thank goodness. We finally made it to the temple and I was sooo thankful to get off that dang bus. We walked into the temple, and all my troubles dissapeard. It was breathtaking inside! The Celestial room was by far my favorite! There were so many people there too so it took a while to get through but it was well worth it.
By the time the tour was over I was feeling so good, and then I remembered that I had to get on the bus again. But to my surprise it was much roomier than before and was actually fun! So we get back to the church and get back into the suburban, and the chatter begins again! Oh my. But luckily I was the one with MY Ipod, so I plopped the little earbuds in my ear and slept the night away, until I got home.
Well for all of you who havn't been to the Open house yet, I highly recommend it! It is going on til the 14th.
And that was my story for you all. hope you enjoyed reading about my wonderful day yesterday!