Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Festivities!

Ah Christmas!
It was great this year.
I feel as I get older it get's less and less exciting every year, but I still always manage to have fun :)
We had our annual Speechly Christmas Eve Party, so fun!

(Me and Cousin Amy)

(It's not a party at the Speechly's without the player piano, playing Christmas tunes all night!)
Christmas morning at 7 AM (not too bad, I thought the chitlins would have been up by 5)
Opened all the gifts.
Ate a scrumdidliumptious breakfast made by my wonderful mother.
Played Beatles Rock Band on our new Wii that we FINALLY got after all these years. Yeah it's been played every night since. And yes I'm totally getting in the upper 90 percentile on guitar and drums AND singing. But maybe the guitar and drums were played in easy :D Haha

(Yes, Christmas did indeed throw up in our home)
Went to Gma Bruce's abode to get our Christmas gifts, thanks Grandma!
Ate some Christmas dinner (just sandwiches but man were they yummy!)
Then Marishka and I were off to see a movie. Tradition.
We saw Sherlocke Holmes. WOW WOW WOW.
Can I just say that Robert Downey Jr. is my boyfriend? Ok thanks.
And that was that! Christmas!
I hope your's was fabulous also! Happy New Year!!!!

(Haley don't shoot me for putting this picture on please!)

Monday, December 21, 2009


I work at HairMax AKA HurrMax

It's fun stuff!

We take plenty of pictorials. I honestly don't know how we get away with it, especially because these ones were taken while a lady stood there pondering which nail polish color would make her nails more splendiferous for the Holidays.

It's good times.
I've always wanted to do one of those awesome jumping pictures of awesomeness. Yep, didn't quite work. We rule at life sometimes.

Obviously I've been hitting the gym HARD.
We're not sisters

P.S. Christmas is in 4 days. Get excited, get very, verrrry excited!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Midnight at Wally-World

What do you do on a Friday night after you go see this guy preform?

You go to the land of Wal-Mart.

It was good times.

There was scandal. Humor. Tears. Happiness.

First of all, Marishka and I found our boyfriend, Eddie.

Second of all I found food. From the Deli. Sitting. On a box. At midnight. In Wal-Mart.

Third of all Wal-Mart sucks. They have moved EVERY flippin' piece of crap to the other side of the blasted store! Was that really necessary Doug McMillon? Honestly. You made me frown.

Fourth of all, my sister got the best text of all time. So. I slapped her. It was out of pure love and excitement mind you.

Fifth of all. Wal-Mart closes their dressing rooms from 11PM to 7AM. Uh No Bueno. Marishka was so brave and slid under the doors in her skirt, just so that we could try on our Miley Cyrus clothes. We both made purchases. It was worth the breaking of a rule.

Now it's 1:54 AM and I should be sleeping since I have to go to worky in the mornin' time. Bleh.

Oh and P.S. I have to give the lesson in Relief Society on Sunday. First time ever. Kinda really nervous and really not wanting to do it.
Got any pointers for me all you wonderful women out there who have taught to other women before? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The flight from Hell

I'm still here, and my plane leaves in about 6 hours, Boooo.

But here is what happened:

Day 1:
I woke up at 3:30 AM to make my flight. The whole night I was feeling kinda crummy, and was worried about being sick on the long flight, but by the time I woke up I was feeling fine.
So my dad drove me to the airport and I went to Gate A1 because that's what it told me on my ticket. So as I'm sitting there, I am seeing all these people with cowboy hats on so i'm feeling that this is the correct place. I hear over the intercom "Flight so-and-so to Dallas is now boarding". I'm utterly confused at this point because the door isn't open and there are no attendants. What the...
So I ran over to Gate A3 right as the door was about to close and ask them where the Dallas flight is, and they informed me that I am standing right in front of it, Gate A3. (It totally did NOT say that on my ticket). So I quickly get on the plane.

I am sitting there by the window seat waiting for the plane to take off so that I can get some sleep. I think we taxi'd around for about a half hour, no bueno.

The flight attendant comes around and offers us some drinks, I ordered a coke because I was feeling ill. Not a good idea.
I got some Bad A heart burn and felt terrible. The plane was about to land, so It kept diving low then kind of balanced out (you know what I mean right?). Yikes!
I grabbed the vomit bag and started breathing into it. It was not working. The vomit as in my throat. Did I swallow it or just let it come out? I didn't even have time to really consider this before all my coke, stomach acid and a few chips were up-chucked into this bag, (sorry for the visualization)

I was laying forward with my head on the back of the seat and holding the bag of barf over the floor. I began to feel it get lighter, I was thinking it was something to do with the pressure in the plane or something. Then I start to feel this cold spew of what I thought was air, on my foot. I look down, and much to my dismay, there was vomit spewing EVERYWHERE! What the crap!
I was boggled, there was barf all over my laptop, my purse, the floor, the seat in front of me, the side of the plane, and yes, my foot! I politely asked the man next to me if i could use is bag, he gave it to me and I put my bag inside of it.
Holy Geez! What kind of vomit bag has a hole in it?!

So I waited for everyone to get off the plane and told the ladies about it, they gave me a paper towel with club soda on it and had me get on my hands and knees to clean it up.

Then the lady says to me "You know if your going to throw up you need to let someone know before the flight so that they can give you a plastic bag!" (ok maybe she didn't yell it, but she was snotty about it" Ok, umm yeah I KNOW when i'm going to throw up lady! freak!

Anyways, I got off the plane, and my phone had no service. Steph was nowhere to be found and I had no bag for my laptop because it was soaked in you know what so I threw it away.
So I was having a difficult time holding my laptop, my purse and my coat, which made it hard for me to get my luggage. I tried to use the phone they had there but it would't work either.

I was afraid I was stranded at the airport and that steph went to the wrong gate (since my ticket had the wrong gate)

I went outside and waited. I heard my phone ringing, Service! It was steph, she was waiting for me, drumroll.....at the wrong gate.

She finally got there and we drove home, and had a wonderful rest of the day/evening.

I will post the rest of the week later, I had no idea how long it would take me to type a retarded story about my flight, sheesh.

P.S. I took those pictures while in flight and I hate posts without pictures. So I put these on. The don't really have anything to do with the story I told, nor do they belong in the area of the post that they were placed. It was done out of a random need for pictures.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!

(This picture was taken on my MacBook Pro...Cool Huh?!)
I'm going to TexAss to see my sister 'til Tuesday. It should be super fun, except for the fact that it's 11:31 PM and I have to be awake in 3 hours so that I can make my flight at 6 AM. Stupid I tell you, STUPID!

Well here's goodbye. I shall post many wonderful pictures upon my arrival back to
UT-freakin cold-AH.

Don't be jealous that I'll be spending my days in the low 60's while your trying to keep warm in the bitter 10 degree weather we've been so lucky to have.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I went to Mojo's tonight, in Ogden, to see my friend Amir preform. It was pretty amazing. I think I might go back, but I shall steer away from the weirdies.

Marishka, would you like to join me sometime? Kthanks :)

Oh p.s. I totally won this shirt. Don't be jealous.

Please look past my nastiness in this pictorial.


My very first semester at Weber State University has ended. How exciting is that?! Very exciting!
This is how it went dowwwn on Monday the 7th of December.
I woke up ready to take tests! I arrived at school at 11:00, my first final was at 11:30. So I sat around and waited for my class to show up (specifically Zach).
One by one they come in.
Zach doesn't come until meh, 1 minute or so until the exam starts. Bogus.

Let me give you a quick briefing about zach. He is my interest AKA I have my eye on him.
Zach and I are friends. We talk in the hall before class starts, and during class he is always smiling at me and I constantly find him staring at me. He has not gotten my number from me. Why is that you ask? Well I would like to know that for myself.
So I was hoping he would get my digits before the final began, or that he would at least sit by me while we were taking the final so that he could ask me for it (that didn't work out because all the seats around me were taken (yes i'm that popular HA! ;))), or that he would ask me for it after the final. No none of this happened. What the H. So I was taking my sweet time on my final hoping that we could finish at the same time and would walk out together and he could freaking ask me. But nooooo, he finished his freakin essay in an hour! Sheesh! So as he Stands up we make eye contact and do you know what he does?! He smiles and does the "I love you" sign in ASL. Whaaaa? At this point Im debating whether I should go make-out with him or slap him. I chose neither. So he walks out of the classroom, we all as a class say goodbye to Zach and I haven't seen him since. I should've just chucked a piece of paper with my number on it at the back of his head during the final....Shoulda'.

Anyways....So I'm thinking I probably did a swell job on my Final Essay for English.
But then I still had to take a math final. Pahahahaha! Math! Yeah right!.

So my math final was from 3:30-5:20.
Walked in, sat down, talked to friends, said our goodbyes, got the test, looked at the test, preteneded I knew all the answers, finished about half the test, pretended I was really smart and walked confidently up to the teacher after an hour, and handed her my Final.
I BOMBED it. I'm about 102% positive that I failed the class. Grrrr...math! It needs to die.

So after I walked out of the class, I stepped into the North Pole. It was freeeeeezing!
My class was up in Lind Lecture. In other words, on the top of the mountain. I had to walk down to base camp AKA the Institute parking lot.
As I was making my way down, my fingers and toes were starting to become numb. And I soon began to feel like Lloyd Christmas and Harry (Dumb and Dumber) When they are on the little motorcycle to Aspen and their snot is frozen to their upper lip. Yep, that was me. My nose was definitely runnin' but somewhere on the way down the snot froze. Sick? yes.

All in all, it was a good day. Passed two out of 3 classes. Yippy!

The end.
P.s. sorry this post was so ridiculously long. my bad.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friendlies are Forever

I kinda really enjoy my friends.
I have a small group of them and consider them as being a part of my Friendly. (Family for friends).
One of these friends in my friendly is Marissa. Wow. Marissa and I have been BFF's since 2nd grade. She was new in the neighborhood and had just moved here from Orem, UT. I remember walking up to her at recess and asking her name because i'd noticed that she was new. She told me her name and where she lived, and I knew that she must be the girl that moved in across the street from me. We have been the best of friends ever since.

Marissa (Marishka) lives in Logan, UT now and is in her 3rd semester at USU. She is incrediably smart and I would have her cheat for me on all my homework and tests if I could, because I know she should get me an A.

Anywhoodle, I we don't really hang out anymore because she lives oh so far away...not really but kinda.

But this weekend she came down! YAY! We always have fun. And so here are some pictorials of our adventures. Arby's, Red Robin, Nibley, her room, and the Men's Volleyball team at USU please enjoy :)

"Nibleh" UT
She's very special :)

Marishka drew this on iDoodle.
Marissa's super clean room
At the USU Men's Volleyball game.

"Reeeeeed Robin, Yummm"

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm Thankful for YOU!
And EVERYTHING in my life!
I could list a bunch of stuff but I am too lazy too. It's Thanksgiving for goodness sake.
I shall leave this for you instead because I LOVE this song (minus a few lines)
Enjoy! :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now THIS is what I call a "True Friend"

Let me introduce to you, Rachel's G-Hetto booty gettin' all up in my business. She's a sicky, but I gotsta love her.

I kind of rule....sometimes.

It was FHE with OFYSA. That's Mormon talk for Family Home evening with Oak Forest Young Single Adults.
It was pie night. Mmmmm oh yeah.
We had a Pie eating contest, yep. I was volunteered against my will to participate by Rachel. Payback's a B, woman.
I failed miserably. I had NO IDEA how difficult it is to eat pie crust filled with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. I was terribly close to vomiting, but I held it in. I would hate to embarrass myself like that in front of all them fine fellas.
In the end I got 5th place in a competition of 5 people. So sad. But hey, that stuff got all up in my face, I'm pretty sure it's settled comfortably in my cranium because I sniffed a LOT of it in on accident. ( that wasn't a run on sentence).
All in all....AWESOME experience. It ruled, I rule, my fellow YSA rule.
The end.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just Bust A Move!

Glee CD = Bomb Diggity.
Yeah that might have rhymed, Deal. With. That.
It makes me wanna bust a move.
So I do.
It's fun stuff.

DON'T be jealous. That would be completely unnecessary.
I learn all my best moves from Jessi

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm not one of those people.

I think I'd call myself a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of gal. I like things exciting and not dull. Which means I enjoy humor, smiling, laughing, getting to know people. But as of late, I've been feeling pretty down on myself. Feelin like this....

Things aren't going my way.
I'm having a pity party and it's no fun.

1)I feel like I can talk to people pretty easily and THINK I am making a new friend, but then I look at the bigger picture and there aren't any new friends around to watch movies with or to play games with. Sad day for Kelsie.

2)Then school is kickin my BUTT. I am failing math as we speak, which means I am going to have to take the same class again next semester, which means my dad wont be the happiest " I told you to go to the tutor how many times?" Yeah yeah. Math sucks! Sadder day for Kelsie.

3)Men.....Men........Men. That's that. Why are they so darn confusing? I keep hearing " They are so simple" no no, they like to play games with us girls. Make us think that they like us, and then all of a sudden they wont text you back, or call you, but wait, they can talk to you on FB til 3 in the freaking morning flirting up a storm. What the F. But I've decided that I like Men only as friends for now anyways. I don't need anymore distractions in my life.

4) I have 11 people living in my house. 11! Me, the Parentals, Brother/ Sista in law, their 3 chitlins, Sister, Her 2 chitlins. and a dog to boot! I love them don't get me wrong, but it'd be nice to have some privacy sometime ya know?

5) I miss my sister Steph and her family terribly! Its hard not having your big sis around when you are feeling this way. (tears starting to roll on out of the eyeballs) Haley is here of course but its nice to have someone else to turn to advice for stuff. I can't wait til I get to go visit her. It's been LONG overdue.

6) Self-esteem might as well be buried 6 feet under. I was wearing these knee high boots over my skinny jeans the other day, and my guy friend blurts out, " Your calves look HUGE in those! Did you just buy them? 'yes' Well you should sell them on Ebay". Ok I am already extremely self conscious about my calves/ankles. They are massive! So I totally didn't need to hear that.
I've slowly been losing some weight but uh "slow" is not fast enough. Its tuff.
I don't feel pretty, and it sucks.

I'm sorry for being such a poo, but I just needed to let some stuff out. It's hard for me to be like this, and when it happens it's the worst. I try to put up a facade but it doesn't always work.
GAH! I'm done. I hope this next week is better.

Friday, November 13, 2009


So I was told several times that my "bum" picture in the post below does not look like a bum, but like a part of the Male Anatomy. Like i knew! Sorry guys.
So here is a different picture from iDoodle. (credit goes to Haley)
She drew as I described.
oh and I did see Arbuckle on Wednesday and he was wearing Jeans! Jeans I tell you! Jeans! Maybe he read my blog. riiiiight.
But his hair was orange this time and he looked high/drunk and his goatee was severely long. Good times.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nice ASSests (sorry that was naughty)

So I go to college. News to me!
As I'm walking on campus every Tuesday and Wednesday, I get a glimpse of this.
Why yes...... I did draw that on iDoodle.......and yes, it is a bum.
Now your asking yourself, "she see's a bum two days a week?"
why yes, yes I do.
It makes me feel funny. Like a nauseous/ I wanna pass out feeling.
So there is this fellow. His name is unknown so we shall call him Arbuckle.
Arbuckle walks on campus dressed like this: a jeans skirt ( you know the ones the girls make out of literal jeans, except he is missing the front and back of the skirt. It just goes down on the sides), Pink hair placed on top of his head in little pigtails, and a scrumptious goatee.
I will assume that Arbuckle is wearing a man thong ( go ahead sing The Thong Song, I know you want to) because who doesn't wear underwear? So I have to do a double take every now and then and make sure that i'm seeing things correctly. and much to my dismay I am. there it is a FULL moon. just staring at me. So I just frolic away pretending that my eyes did not just behold that.
I think it is illegal for him to do that, is it not? I mean public indecency much?
One day I will snap a picture of it and place it all over Facebook......JUSTT KID_DING.

Monday, November 2, 2009


So like... i had FHE tonight. It was supposed to be really fun. We combined with another stake in Mountain Green, and learned how to Cha Cha and Swing.....don't be julous.
I was so excited to dance with some hunky men. yeah until I got paired with (we will call him Robert.) Oh robert.
If you ask him, he is a PRO.
we Cha Cha'd the night away until finally we got paired with other other people.
this is how it went dooowwwn from then on.

Hi my name is Kelsie.
no Kelsie.
me: I can't dance, I think I have two left feet.
man: oh.....sorry?
me: uh thanks, sir.

me: I'll just stand here and pick my nostril.
man: I'll go find me another partner now.

Giddy up!

oh and I got punched in the face when I was getting twirled around. It was probably the highlight of the night. I think the man thought I was mental because I was laughing so hard.
Normal people would've probably cried at that moment in time from such serious pain.
But not I.
Nope I laughed.
is that weird?
well sorry, you're just gonna have to deal. with . that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sort of Hilarious

I probably pee'd my pants a little the first time I watched this.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have a confession.

Well you guys..... I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble with my family for this but.
I like girls.
It's true, I swing that way. LESBO HERE.

Last night I was at Target with Haley and I saw this girl from my singles ward who is new also. I smiled at her and shot my fingers at her. ya know like the double shooters. And I made the noise too! the *click click* noise that you make between your teeth and your cheek? yeah...
Before I realized what I had just done, she nervously smiled and ran away.
I am thinking she had no idea who I was.
At this moment in time I am Busting out laughing. She probably thought I was hitting on her! I have NO IDEA why I did that to her, I didn't do it on purpose it just slipped out. I was going for a more "hey! you're in my singles ward" kind of approach, but turned into a nasty approach.
I'm gonna have to clear things up on Sunday.
oh dear
and just for the record, I LIKE MEN! felllas, boys, gentlemen, the opposite sex. ya know, short hair, 5 o'clock shadow, wallet in the back pocket.
I gotta be more careful with my "hellos"

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Singles Ward


I've transfered.
I've had a fear of going for quite a while. I was supposed to go after I graduated like all the good little kids, but I didn't. 2008 didn't seem like a good year to attend a ward full of desperate people wanting to get married. So i just continued to put it off.
But now that all my friends graduated this year (yes i'm a loser) i've decided to go with them so that I can find My Eternal Soul Mate. Bahahaha. let's not.
I went to the campus one. uhhh no BUENO. little jerks. it's called saying hi.

So I became inactive from the singles ward. I attended the Home ward. oh how lovely. My Home ward is just wonderful. but it wasn't doing anything for me socially. probably because there were small children and old farts.
So then my BFF Alisha was like "hey, come to the stake singles ward with me"
uh no thanks
"no come"
uh no thanks

so I went and had a magical time, needless to say. The singles ward is rocking. Even though I am socially handicap, I will magically make it work.
oh and we have FHE tonight. wonderful.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Got Back

mmkay, don't tell my BFF Jessi that I posted this.
that'd be no bueno
This is what happens @ 12:15 AM on a Friday night after Twilight has been watched, and her husband is away.
I was kind of dying while recording this (of laughter of course) I was actually laughing so hard in some points that I don't sound like a human. just ignore that.
please laugh as hard as I did. thankyou.


Friday, October 23, 2009


What are you bein?
Us gals at Hurr Max are dressing up as Cleopatras. Growl! It should be pretty fab.

Don't be scurred!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halle Freakin Lujah

I got me an I diggity Phone. It's pretty fantastic.

I think i could perhaps be in love.

Sad day to think that I could be in love with an electronic device, but it's sorta true.

Can You Deal With That!

I totally sounded like a 12 year old little girl in that last post.

But that's ok.

You'll just have to deal with that.

Holy Moses!

So I'm rather obsessed with a couple blogs right now. One of which would be BusyBeeLauren. I got a call from my Bestie Marissa Mikami this morning, and she decided that she would share some news with me.
the conversation goes as fallows

me: hey what's up
Marissa: nothin just walking to class
me: cool
Marissa: guess what?!
me: what?
Marissa: Guess who is fallowing me on Twitter?!
me:idk who?
marissa: guess!
me: boy or girl?
marissa: oh you'll never guess! BusyBeeLauren!
me:what?!?!?!?!?!?! NO!
marissa: yeah!

and the convo continues.......I was SOOO jealous! Why couldn't she fallow me? Buggers!

So after being saddened all day because the celebrity mormon blogger wasn't fallowing me. pity me.

I was driving home from work and I get a call from marissa. she is flippin
marissa: did you know that Mormon Bachelor Pad commented on your blog?
me: what?!?!?!1 I'm flipping out!
me: what post?!
marissa: how did they comment on your blog?
me: i don't know! What post did they comment on?!
marissa: do you know them? how did they find you?
me: no i do not know them.....you're jealous!
marissa: yes I am.

and the convo continues.......

this is what he posted on my post. it was the tyra post fyi

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...
In Jr. High, I was holding this kids feet while he was doing sit-ups. Every time he'd do a sit-up, he'd strain a little too hard and a small peeper fart would slip out. After 10 or so peepers, I was laughing so hard I think I inhaled every ounce of his bum air into my lungs through my mouth.

I still laugh about it when I think about it.

I'm still laughing too! I was dying when I read that.

anyways, now that i'm all mormon blogger starstruck.
i will end this.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Dear!

So this ^^ totally happened today in my math class.
I was sitting talking to my friend, and helping him with an equation, when all of a sudden BAM!
So you know those chairs that are connected to the desk? well this black girl was sitting on the table with her feet on the seat. She decided to lean back a tich and before you know it, she was on her butt. she freaken tipped the desk over! I BUSTED out laughing, I was crying and wheezing. I'd never experienced such laughter. While laughing hysterically i somehow managed to ask her if she was OK. She hopped up off the floor and said she was fine.
The next 30 minutes remaining of class, was the worst. everytime I thought about it, I couldn't contain it, I would just start laughing again. This had to have been the highlight of my week so far, and it's only monday!
oh and then I was sitting in the Union Building waiting for my next class to start when I heard BAM! again. ANOTHER kid was leaning on his chair and it slipped and her feel to the ground, CLASSIC!
It's soo wonderful to laugh. Ahhhh.

Friday, October 9, 2009


This will be me all weekend.
I have 4 online assignments due Sunday (kill me now)
I have a comparison/contrast essay due Monday (haven't started that one yet, whoops)
I have an outline due Monday (oh haven't started that either)
I have a math assignment due Monday (started but, have a feeling it wont get finished anytime soon)
I have a math review Monday (doubt a review will help)
I have a math test Wednesday (Gonna fail, that's a given)
I have a personal constitution due Thursday (please bless)
And to end my list nicely I have Shingles again, Hip Hip Hooray!
PS can I just say that having a little camera built in to your computer is wonderful. And I bet you're all likin' it too, because now you get to see my pretty face all the time! I will do another post next week if I make it through this one alive :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think it's time for a tutor :D

you probably can't read this but it says that I retrieved a D+ on my first math test. FAIL is what I call that ha!

Here is the story you've been waiting for! Well story that Lauren has been waiting for anyways :)

This face explains the shock I was in last night....I know, i look super cute.

So.....the story begins.

I met this fellow in institute. his name will be withheld.
He got my number and I was super excited, I called my sisters immediately and told them the news.
We end up hanging out last night. So I go out to where he lives (I didn't want to hang out at my house, too many people) and we got to the park on 24th above harrison. We're having a jolly time, he's saying all the right things. Everything a girl wants to here was coming out of his mouth. (seems to good to be true).
It's about eh, 10:15 or so, and we got on the subject of past people (dates) in our lives. Of course my list was short, but his seemed to go on forever. He gets to this story about this girl that stalks him. I guess she is a crazy.
So we continue to talk, when all of a sudden I look at him and his eyes are glazed over and he looks like he just saw the Devil. I've never seen someone look so scared before in my life! I ask what's wrong and he tells me that we need to start walking away from where we are. I ask him why and he says that The Girl is here. I thought he was joking, so i just laughed it off and continued talking, he starts walking though so i followed him. all of a sudden I hear a girl screaming "johndoe get the F back here!" I'm a little worried at this point. When she finally catches up to us.....

She is throwing the F bomb every which way. She was telling me that this was her ex husband and that they are bf gf right now and what i was doing with him. I told her that we were just hanging out, nothing more. Then she goes off saying: in her exact words." What they F is going on here johndoe! Do you know that I am having s e x with him and that we are together? He f'd me while he was on his mission and and he is an excommunicated member of the church! you know, I was just at the institute building and God told me to come here and sure enough you are here. (now obviously if God told her that I don't think she would be cussing so badly) How dare you! Did you touch her? 'no he did not touch me we were just hanging out'" then she slaps him, I then ask her why she slapped him and she stated that he has done worse to her, that he has given her a black eye and she had to lie to her family about how she got it. meanwhile he is telling her to go away and to leave us alone. I ask if i can talk to her, so I tell her "Jaimie, take a deep breath, I don't know anything that's going on, I just happen to be a person standing here listening to this" she calms down and tells me this "You need to stay away from this man, he is no good" So I start walking to my car and both of them catch up to me, she gets in her car, I tell her it was very nice to meet her, and she peels off almost hitting us. I get in my car, and he says that he will just walk home (which I was TOTALLY fine with) and I drove home quietly. I got home and he was texting me telling me how sorry he was about what happened. But I honestly don't know who to believe the psycho girl or him. But even though this girl was off her rocker, there was something in her voice that was concerned that I was there with him. I don't want to believe what I heard but i sort of do.
I know that I don't want anything more with this kid that friendship, but it scares me that he could be that type of person just putting on a facade to make a good impression.

I'm sorry to bore you with this story, but i figured if i posted it on here i wouldn't have to repeat myself several times.
i'm still in shock right now about last nights events. And i'm not sure what to think, or how to handle the whole thing. I hope institute isn't awkward ;P

anyways, I could've shared a whole lot more about the story but i don't want to make either of these people seem bad, when I don't know them, and trust me there was a ton more that i could've shared, but that can hold off for now.
thanks for reading.
let me know what you think of my night hahaha, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have a story for you!

But it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow because it is 12:21 AM right now and I must go to bed seeing as how I have class in the morning.

It's juicy though...

I'm still in shock...

It was like it came right out of the movies...

I was scarey-ly (is what a word?) a part of it.

I want to cry....

I want to punch this person...

I want to know if it's true....

But I know things will never work out between us.........SOMETHING just doesn't feel right. (if ya know what I mean)

Stay tuned for the story of the event that happened tonight.

psycho (or was she)
night time


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall T.V. It will become a terrible distraction!

glee Pictures, Images and Photos

Dr House Pictures, Images and Photos

NBC Fall Lineup: Community Pictures, Images and Photos

Greys Anatomy Pictures, Images and Photos

Lie To Me Pictures, Images and Photos

tvd Pictures, Images and Photos

It is disgusting how much t.v. I like to watch. And it is so sad that I probably wont get to watch all of these.....TiVo overload if you ask me.
I really hope these seasons are super amazing!