Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am SOO glad Kris Allen won! I was posotive that it was gonna be Adam Lambert, I was so shocked with Ryan called Kris' name! He was definatly the right pick, he is America's boy next door and he is very versitile. Adam was just to Glam Rock for me, a little too much of the same thing. Don't get me wrong i still liked adam a lot, he has and AMAZING voice, but kris was most definatly the better pick for our American Idol.
Please share your opinions if you watch the show, i would love to hear what you think :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The greatest gift in the whole round wold!

A few weeks ago I was invited to a "favorite things party" by ChelsI. We got there (haley and i) super happy and excited, there was food, and drinks, and people and fun. the party started and how joyous it was. we were each supposed to bring 4 of our favorite things, then we wrote our name on 4 pieces of paper. we went around and everyone took 4 names out of the bowl, those 4 people got your "favorite thing" well it started off swell. with laughter and happiness. there was body wash, caramels, lipgloss, scenties, books, and gift cards. most of the gift cards were practical. others...well.. were hand made on fibery construction paper, written in marker and then laminated. these 4 gift cards said the following. " good for two home made oven pads, please redeem within the fallowing weeks" as we were getting closer to the end of the circle, i was praying that my name would not get picked for those hot pads, but with my luck my name was called and i went and retrieved my gift card. the next day or so we went to visit chelsi, and i made a loud sarcastic remark about having my gift card for my oven pads. turns out that lady was at the desk right behind me. i was so embarrassed and shocked and scared that she heard me, but i decided to play it out cool and pretend as though those words had not been uttered.
I mysteriously lost this gift card, somewhere. and sadly i did not get a picture of its beauty and marvle. you would've laughed exuberantly (sp.?) but today, about 3 weeks later i came to work and found hot pads stalking me. i was frightened to say the least. here are the pictures of the new member of the household.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was at the mall today
me and my friend went to exchange her swim suit
then headed to the food court
we got some Chinese food.
we were sitting and talking and such
when out of the corner of our eyes
we see a man shaking the toy vending machine next to us
we think nothing of it really
then we continue eating
we look over once more
and we see a lady shaking it, with visible struggle.
we laugh
i make a remark,
"she should probably stop, she looks ridiculous"
we laugh again
but our laughter had a 3rd party
it's the lady
she keeps laughing while making this remark.
you know, i payed $3 for this toy so i'm going to get it out (or something a long the lines)
and you're probably thinking oh that doesn't sound that bad
well she said it ever so rudely, which i totally deserved for making that statement.
I was SO EMBARRASSED! I just put my head down and finished my sweet and sour chicken in silence.
so word to the wise, keep what you're saying behind someones back, quiet.

Like a cow in tall grass, i'm utterly tickled to share this with you.

Well......I got it!
I am the proud owner of the Samsung Behold.
I am in love
It is just lovely!
it's pink
it does uhmazing things
it makes me happy
it's smart
it doesn play tricks on me
it does so many fun things it makes me jealous
Here's to new phones, HOLLER!