Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think it's time for a tutor :D

you probably can't read this but it says that I retrieved a D+ on my first math test. FAIL is what I call that ha!

Here is the story you've been waiting for! Well story that Lauren has been waiting for anyways :)

This face explains the shock I was in last night....I know, i look super cute.

So.....the story begins.

I met this fellow in institute. his name will be withheld.
He got my number and I was super excited, I called my sisters immediately and told them the news.
We end up hanging out last night. So I go out to where he lives (I didn't want to hang out at my house, too many people) and we got to the park on 24th above harrison. We're having a jolly time, he's saying all the right things. Everything a girl wants to here was coming out of his mouth. (seems to good to be true).
It's about eh, 10:15 or so, and we got on the subject of past people (dates) in our lives. Of course my list was short, but his seemed to go on forever. He gets to this story about this girl that stalks him. I guess she is a crazy.
So we continue to talk, when all of a sudden I look at him and his eyes are glazed over and he looks like he just saw the Devil. I've never seen someone look so scared before in my life! I ask what's wrong and he tells me that we need to start walking away from where we are. I ask him why and he says that The Girl is here. I thought he was joking, so i just laughed it off and continued talking, he starts walking though so i followed him. all of a sudden I hear a girl screaming "johndoe get the F back here!" I'm a little worried at this point. When she finally catches up to us.....

She is throwing the F bomb every which way. She was telling me that this was her ex husband and that they are bf gf right now and what i was doing with him. I told her that we were just hanging out, nothing more. Then she goes off saying: in her exact words." What they F is going on here johndoe! Do you know that I am having s e x with him and that we are together? He f'd me while he was on his mission and and he is an excommunicated member of the church! you know, I was just at the institute building and God told me to come here and sure enough you are here. (now obviously if God told her that I don't think she would be cussing so badly) How dare you! Did you touch her? 'no he did not touch me we were just hanging out'" then she slaps him, I then ask her why she slapped him and she stated that he has done worse to her, that he has given her a black eye and she had to lie to her family about how she got it. meanwhile he is telling her to go away and to leave us alone. I ask if i can talk to her, so I tell her "Jaimie, take a deep breath, I don't know anything that's going on, I just happen to be a person standing here listening to this" she calms down and tells me this "You need to stay away from this man, he is no good" So I start walking to my car and both of them catch up to me, she gets in her car, I tell her it was very nice to meet her, and she peels off almost hitting us. I get in my car, and he says that he will just walk home (which I was TOTALLY fine with) and I drove home quietly. I got home and he was texting me telling me how sorry he was about what happened. But I honestly don't know who to believe the psycho girl or him. But even though this girl was off her rocker, there was something in her voice that was concerned that I was there with him. I don't want to believe what I heard but i sort of do.
I know that I don't want anything more with this kid that friendship, but it scares me that he could be that type of person just putting on a facade to make a good impression.

I'm sorry to bore you with this story, but i figured if i posted it on here i wouldn't have to repeat myself several times.
i'm still in shock right now about last nights events. And i'm not sure what to think, or how to handle the whole thing. I hope institute isn't awkward ;P

anyways, I could've shared a whole lot more about the story but i don't want to make either of these people seem bad, when I don't know them, and trust me there was a ton more that i could've shared, but that can hold off for now.
thanks for reading.
let me know what you think of my night hahaha, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have a story for you!

But it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow because it is 12:21 AM right now and I must go to bed seeing as how I have class in the morning.

It's juicy though...

I'm still in shock...

It was like it came right out of the movies...

I was scarey-ly (is what a word?) a part of it.

I want to cry....

I want to punch this person...

I want to know if it's true....

But I know things will never work out between us.........SOMETHING just doesn't feel right. (if ya know what I mean)

Stay tuned for the story of the event that happened tonight.

psycho (or was she)
night time


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall T.V. It will become a terrible distraction!

glee Pictures, Images and Photos

Dr House Pictures, Images and Photos

NBC Fall Lineup: Community Pictures, Images and Photos

Greys Anatomy Pictures, Images and Photos

Lie To Me Pictures, Images and Photos

tvd Pictures, Images and Photos

It is disgusting how much t.v. I like to watch. And it is so sad that I probably wont get to watch all of these.....TiVo overload if you ask me.
I really hope these seasons are super amazing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No crafty abilities :(

What it's supposed to look like. Lori made this one :)

What mine looks like. Notice the crooked ornaments because the words are supposed to be on the other side of the paper.

What it's supposed to look like. Again.... Lori made this :)

What mine looks like. I had to stamp it several times to get the words to show up, so that was a mess. then I glued the flower thing on top of the ribbon so I couldn't even open it even if i wanted to. Oh dear.....I think I shall give up on the crafts :)

Oh wait...notice something else about it? As I threw it in my backseat (actually chucked it out of disgust) It decided to chuck back. As I closed my door, it silently slipped between the door and my car....resulting in this. Hahahahaha oh how it makes me giggle.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye= Turd

I was completely shocked!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy Moly!

I've watched this a bazillion times! This movie looks soooooo much better than Twilight, i'm so excited! And don't forget to tune into the VMA's tonight on MTV for the LONGER version! Woot Woot!

Friday, September 11, 2009

You MUST watch this!

I just finished watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas literally 2 minutes ago.
This movie was very touching.
It's about the Holocaust. I wont tell you anything more except for the fact that the little boy who plays Bruno...Wow.
It definitely brought on the water works for me at the very end. You never think about stories especially ones about the Holocaust through the eyes of a child. I Highly recommend this movie to all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I hate it.... I do.

I know it is backwards but I don't think it make a difference. It's still a bunch of gibberish!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Take a listen to this! This guy is a psycho! Kinda makes me laugh though, I mean come on, how many guys would really say that to a girl?

I can't figure out how to do one of those cool little links, so go copy and paste this URL into your address box Please!

Leave me a comment...what did you think about it?