Thursday, August 7, 2008

ok ok ok

i know that i said like FOREVER ago that i was going to update my Trek experience right? Yeah well obviously that didn't happen, because i have stupid internet at my house that doesn't allow me to add pictures or even type up a blog. lame, i know.

so here goes. I am going to attempt one more time to upload pictures. But as for the Trek update? Well there wont be one. You see, since blogger is been so dumb and hasn't let me share my fantastic trek memories with you people, i have forgotten my experiences from where i left off on my last blog, and it is so sad becuase i know there were some pretty fantastic stories that happend, but me being me, has a slight case of short term memory and cant remember all the fun I had.

But if i happen to get a random thought, i will run to the computer to share it with you!

not that anyone reads my blog anyways, but eh, its here so i might as well use it right?

so i shall now leave you with some pictures of TREK!

(if it works)

ok yet didnt work!

i think blogger just hates me.

so no pictures

maybe some other day when blogger decides to let me do my thing.

sorry guys