Friday, October 11, 2013


I was taught at a young age that laughter is the best medicine.



And that may be an understatement.

Side note- as I type the word, 'laugh', I realize what an odd word it is. Seriously.

Some may consider it a problem, maybe.

I consider it a gift.

Another side note- I'm listening to the radio at work right now
you know
those stupid commercials that put their own lyrics to popular songs?
hate it.

it seems like every night I find myself in some type of laughing fit over the DUMBEST stuff ever.
i.e. Tim and I were unloading our dishwasher
I had the bottom end
and I'm shorter
therefore should have had the top end I guess
cause I had to put my end down first.
My arm width couldn't handle the task.
So I collapsed to the ground unable to hold the box.

I then began to imagine what I had looked like when it happened.
The image replayed over and over in my head and I lost it.
I laughed at the very moment I fell.
I laughed as I walked to the car.
I laughed when I got into the car.
I laughed in the car.
I laughed the whole way home.
Tim sat silent.
I think he only expects these laughing spells now.
Typing this I started laughing again.

I got it from my Grandpa and my dad.
My grandpa was known for his contagious laugh
He would sit there in his La-Z Boy just chucklin.
his whole body would move to his laugh.
My dad, the same.
Me, the same.

Being that I laugh so much, I somehow manage to laugh and speak at the same time.
I guess this isn't a normal thing.

I get made fun of for this constantly.
 But I don't understand how you can stop laughing to make a statement.

How do you do it?

Even when I'm down,
the smallest thing can bring me right back.

So, let this be a lesson to you all.

Laugh more.
 Because it's probably the best thing ever created.

End of post

Sorry, no humiliating life stories to share this time. ;)

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crash. said...

pleeeeeeease tell me you have heard or seen the savers commercial played to thrift shop. its the worst thing I think I have ever heard.

Kelsie said...

That's the exact one that was on! So bad.