Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Today as I was walking out of the Apple Store at Station Park
I ran into a man
quite literally.

We excused one another
and then we found ourselves walking together.

I looked over at him, noticing that we were keeping at each others pace,
and I saw that he had an oxygen cannula placed in his nose and wrapped around his ears.
The tubes made their way to a backpack on his back.

"I hate winter" he said.

I responded by telling him that we both seemed unprepared for the weather we were walking through
because neither of us had a coat or umbrella.
But that I was at least thankful that it was mild weather and that it was raining rather than snowing.

He stopped and looked at me.

He told me that he was impressed that I could be so optimistic when we were both cold and wet.

" I really love that in a person, you know?" he said, "Someone that can look past all the cruddy things to see something good." 

We started walking again.

I told him I'm not always the best at being positive in a negative situation, but that sometimes, most times, it's always the better option. 
Because no one likes to be in depressing position.

He told me, "whenever anyone asks me how I'm doing, do you know what I say"

"What do you say?' I asked.

" I tell them that I'm either exceptionally well, or outstanding."

As we both reached our cars, which happened to be parked by one another, I asked him is name.

"Dave" he said.

"Dave, I'm Kelsie, I'm so happy I ran into you today."

As we shook hands and went on our way,
I realized
this man, whatever it may be, is facing some kind of trial with his health.

He chooses to look on the bright side and be positive rather than negative.

That was such a wonderful thing for me to witness.

I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to bump into Dave.

I challenge anyone that reads this blog, to go out of your way to "bump" into someone you don't know
and talk to them.

I'm making myself a goal to do the same.

A lot can be taught from strangers.

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